PRINCETON, N.J. — Eighteen high school media teachers have won digital subscriptions to through a contest offered by the Dow Jones News Fund and the publishers of the newspaper.

To win, teachers described how they will use the paper to teach journalism. Whether starting a school newspaper, transitioning from a media career to the high school classroom or focusing on improved writing and literacy, the teachers offered a glimpse of how The Wall Street Journal will enhance their curriculum.

The Wall Street Journal, a co-sponsor of the National High School Journalism Teacher Awards program, will also provide subscriptions to the 2015 Teacher of the Year and eight other honored teachers.

The teachers found a variety of ways to incorporate The Wall Street Journal in their classroom.

Gina Sandland of Auburn (Wash.) Riverside High School will use the subscription for traditional journalism lessons, specifically “for examples of good news photos to accompany stories, cutlines, ledes, angles, hierarchy of information, interviewing, discussion starters, story ideas, relationships between WSJ news items and our local area, career discussions, and so much more!”

John Gallagher of Providence School in Jacksonville, Fla., wrote that he will use, “To bring further awareness to the students in the classroom to what is happening around the world and to learn to better tell a story around them.”

Jennifer Swenson of Campus High School in Wichita, Kan., wrote: “We look towards newspapers to inspire us for direction in what’s newsworthy and to help us form educated opinions.”

The contest winners are:
Brooke Allen, Independence High School, Fresno, Texas
Brad Bovenkerk, Normal (Ill.) Community High School
Jill Burns, Robinson High School, Tampa, Fla.
John Gallagher, Providence School, Jacksonville, Fla.
Nicole Gingrich, Chesapeake High School, Pasadena, Md.
Michael Goodrich-Stuart, Varina High School, Henrico, Va.
Robert Greenberger, Owings Mills (Md.) High School
Joe Humphrey, Hillsborough High School, Tampa, Fla.
Jeni Lannen, Sweet Grass County High School, Big Timber, Mont.
William Love, Sandpoint (Idaho) High School
Divona Phillips, Irving (Texas) High School
Kane Pruitt, James F. Byrnes High School, Duncan, S.C.
Gina Sandland, Auburn (Wash.) Riverside High School
Shirley Sokolosky, Holland Hall, Tulsa, Okla.
Kathleen Stoker, Westborough (Mass.) High School
Jennifer Swenson, Campus High School, Wichita, Kan.
Krissy Vick, Fuqua School, Farmville, Va.
Jennifer Young, President Theodore Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, Hawaii