Temple University's Center for Editing Excellence Class of 2010
PRINCETON, N.J.—The Dow Jones News Fund will send 84 college undergraduate and graduate students to work as sports and news copy editors, multimedia editors and business reporters at news organizations nationwide this summer. The students were selected from among 600 applicants for the prestigious paid internships.
The 84 internships represent an 8% increase from last year, when severe financial problems prompted many newspapers to curtail summer hiring.
“At a time when the news industry is undergoing a major transformation and it isn’t clear what it will eventually look like, the commitment of publishers to train a new generation of journalists is both critical and encouraging,” said Rich Holden, executive director of the Dow Jones News Fund.
Richard J. Levine, president of the Fund’s board of directors, thanked the organizations participating this summer. “We are very grateful to all those who have agreed to hire Fund interns in this difficult environment, most especially those doing so for the first time,” he said.
The Fund’s summer internship programs, begun in 1962, will feature seven training sites. Interns work a minimum of 10 weeks. Those returning to college will receive $1,000 scholarships.
Pre-internship programs begin in May. Copy editing interns will be trained at Pennsylvania State University by Dr. Marie Hardin; Temple University by Dr. Ed Trayes; the University of Missouri-Columbia, by Brian Brooks and the University of Texas by S. Griffin Singer. Sports copy editing interns will attend training at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in a program directed by Dr. Charlyne Berens. Multimedia interns will train at Western Kentucky University under the direction of Dr. Pamela Johnson. Business reporting interns will be trained in New York City by Michelle LaRoche, training and recruitment editor at Dow Jones Newswires.
Twelve copy editing interns will train at Pennsylvania State University: Erin K. Shields, Pennsylvania State University, The Washington Times; Tamara Conrad, Pennsylvania State University, The Journal News, White Plains, N.Y.; Allison Chopin, Washington and Lee University, Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch; Georgia Adams, University of West Florida, Roanoke (Va.) Times; Isaac Elster, Wayne State University, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Kirstie Hettinga, Pennsylvania State University, AccuWeather; Michael Balducci, The University of Central Florida, Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette; Michelle Dendy, University of Central Florida, Standard-Times, New Bedford, Mass.; Robert Ryan, University of Colorado, St. Petersburg Times; Ashley Carnifax, The University of Central Florida, Palm Beach Post; Sarah Gast, Vanderbilt University, Cape Cod Times, Hyannis, Mass.; Shannon Anderson, Marshall University, Naples (Fla.) Daily News.
Ten copy editing interns will train at Temple University: Amy D’Onofrio, George Washington University, Dow Jones Newswires; Elissa Roberts, Ohio University, Virginian Pilot, Norfolk; Emily Blake, University of Florida, The New York Times; Jessica Knight, University of North Carolina-Wilmington, Hartford Courant; Joseph K. Yerardi, New York University, Philadelphia Daily News; Joshua Barone, University of Missouri-Columbia, The Wall Street Journal; Kate Raftery, University of Maryland, Philadelphia Daily News; Matthew L. Welch, DePauw University, The Wall Street Journal; Pressley Baird, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The New York Times; Reyna DeSai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The New York Times.
Ten copy editing interns will train at the University of Missouri-Columbia: Casey Miles, University of Kansas, Daily Journal, Kankakee; Chris Carmody, University of Missouri-Columbia, Minneapolis Star-Tribune; Lauren Cunningham, University of Kansas, Kansas City Star; Melissa Johnson, University of Kansas, Indianapolis Star; Michael Todd, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald; Rachel Heaton, University of Missouri-Columbia, St. Paul Pioneer Press; Rosanna Xia, Tufts University, Los Angeles Times; Stephanie Kukuljan, University of Missouri-Columbia, Kansas City Star; Teresa Lostroh, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, St. Paul Pioneer Press; Wesley Lowery, Ohio University, Detroit News.

Ten copy editing interns will train at the University of Texas at Austin: Ryan Fernandez, San Jose State University, The Sacramento Bee; Allie Grasgreen, University of Oregon, The Oregonian, Portland; Austin Fast, Miami University, Center for Investigative Reporting, Berkeley, Calif.; Chad Uddstrom, Penn State University, The Bay Area News Group; Samantha Borger, University of Texas at Austin, The Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise; Gabrielle Munoz, University of Texas at Austin, Austin American-Statesman; Hannah Ritchie, University of Missouri-Columbia, The Denver Post; InYoung Kang, New York University, San Luis Obispo Tribune; Kiera Manion-Fischer, Kent State University, San Francisco Chronicle; Liz Martinez, Lehigh University, The Dallas Morning News.

Nine sports copy editing interns will train at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:  Annelise Russell, University of Oklahoma, San Francisco Chronicle; Brett Knight, University of Missouri-Columbia, The New York Times; Daniel Rorabaugh, Pennsylvania State University, Hartford Courant; David Miniaci, Pennsylvania State University, New York Post; Emily Settle, Lehigh University, Palm Beach Post; John Schreier, University of Missouri-Columbia, The Denver Post; Rhett James Umphress, Ball State University, ESPN.com; Thomas Wright, San Jose State University, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Diana Rodriguez, Pennsylvania State University, The Journal News, White Plains, N.Y.

Ten multimedia editing interns will train at Western Kentucky University: Rachel Wise, New York University, frontdoor.com; Alexandria Petri, Pennsylvania State University, Cape Cod Times, Hyannis, Mass.; Alice Truong, Northwestern University-Medill School of Journalism, WSJ.com; Andrew Robinson, Western Kentucky University, WSJ.com; Amanda Hofmockel, Pennsylvania State University, Center for Investigative Reporting, Berkeley, Calif.; Danielle Alberti, University of Colorado at Boulder, International Center for Journalists, Washington; Deven Swartz, Marshall University, The Denver Post; John Nichol-Caddy, New York University, Palm Beach Post; Lauren Abdel-Razzaq, Wayne State University, Indianapolis Star; Shannon Epps, Hampton University, The Washington Post.

Twenty-three interns will train at the business reporting residency at Dow Jones in New York: April Lee, New York University, MarketWatch.com; Catherine Carlock, Washington and Lee University, MarketWatch.com; Drew FitzGerald, Boston University, The Denver Post; Joel Schectman, City University of New York, The Associated Press; Maria Zilberman, University of Maryland, Naples (Fla.) Daily News; Michael Novinson, Haverford College, Times Herald-Record, Middletown, N.Y.; Sam Fellman, Columbia University, Barron’s; Andraya Vantrease, Virginia Tech, Advertising Specialty Institute, Trevose, Pa; Ellen Santa Maria, Juniata College, Advertising Specialty Institute, Trevose, Pa.; William McGuinness, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Cape Cod Times, Hyannis, Mass.; Marie Baca, Stanford University; Lauren Fedor, Brown University; Eliza Gray, Columbia University; Brittany Hutson, Howard University graduate; Jeannette Neumann, Columbia University; Nesil Staney, New York University; Perry Stein, Washington University of St. Louis; Aoun Sahi, Daniel Pearl Fellow; Joy Resmovits, Barnard College — all of whom will work at The Wall Street Journal; Chris Dieterich, University of Missouri-Columbia; Frances McInnis, Columbia University; Victoria Finkle, Columbia University, and Laura Kusisto, Columbia University — all of  whom will work at Dow Jones Newswires.

The Dow Jones News Fund, a nonprofit foundation promoting careers in journalism, is supported by the Dow Jones Foundation and other news organizations.