PRINCETON, N.J. – Seventy-eight undergraduate and graduate students were selected to participate this summer as data and digital journalists, business reporters and multiplatform editors in internships at media organizations through the Dow Jones News Fund.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the board of the News Fund decided that all internships in its programs will be offered remotely out of an abundance of caution. In cases where companies have canceled or cut back on internships, the News Fund is seeking other placements for the affected interns. Three students will defer to the summer 2021 internship program.

All students selected will receive remote, pre-internship training, $1,500 scholarships and memberships in professional associations. We are also tapping our alumni network to provide each student with a mentor to provide advice and support in the difficult times ahead.

Linda Shockley, DJNF managing director, said, “We will hold online training in May and early June to equip interns to work in this new environment. We thank all media partners who stayed in our programs this summer, others who offered delayed or deferred internships and those who will rejoin us next year.”

The Investigative Reporters and Editors residency, directed by David Herzog and Charles Minshew, will train 18 journalists to obtain and analyze data, visualize information and employ other computer-assisted reporting methods.

Fifteen students will be prepped to handle video, photography, social media, data visualization and web design by a team at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, led by Michael Wong, director of career services.

Seventeen business reporters will be trained by Paul Glader, associate professor at The King’s College and award-winning former Wall Street Journal reporter. Glader will also instruct 10 business reporters chosen by Garry D. Howard, director of corporate initiatives at American City Business Journals. This is the sixth summer ACBJ has funded the program. Howard is a DJNF board member and a 1981 editing program alumnus.

Fifteen students will participate in the multiplatform editing programs taught by Dr. Edward Trayes from Temple University, and Professor Beth Butler of Kent State University and Dr. Bradley Wilson of Midwestern State University. Four participants were chosen by the Texas Press Association to work at Texas news organizations.

With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, interns will be trained to cover COVID-19’s impact on the economies, government policies, business decisions and physical and mental well-being of their communities with an emphasis on health equity.

Ten students participating in the data journalism and digital media training programs were selected by the Emma Bowen Foundation in partnership with the Institute for Nonprofit News through a grant supported by the Democracy Fund.

In keeping with the News Fund’s commitment to diversity, the 2020 internship class is 47% students of color.

Students selected for each program are listed below with their universities, Twitter handles and professional affiliations. The News Fund will announce their remote internship assignments in May.

*= Deferring to the summer 2021 internship program
** = Emma Bowen Foundation Fellow
*** = Texas Press Association intern

Investigative Reporters and Editors
David Herzog and Charles Minshew, residency co-directors

**Sophie Austin, American University, @sophieadanna | NABJ member
Emma Baker, Washington University in St. Louis, @ems_lorraine | NAJA member
Moss Brennan, Appalachian State University, @mosbren | SPJ member
**Tiffany Bui, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, @tiffanybu1 | AAJA member
Sophie Burkholder, University of Pennsylvania, @sophieburkhold | IRE member
Theresa Diffendal, University of Maryland, @theresarose_ | IRE member
Eric Fan, Emory University, @fxy2014
Emily Isaacman, Indiana University, @emilyisaacman
**Jewél Jackson, Syracuse University, @JewlJackson1 | NABJ and IRE member
**Ashley Jones, University of Missouri, @medleyjones | NABJ member
Sidney Madden, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, @sidney_madden_
Camille McManus, University of Missouri, @camillemmcmanus | IRE and ONA member
Elizabeth Seline, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, @LibbySeline | IRE member
Sam Sharpe, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, @SharpeReports
**Meena Venkataramanan, Harvard University, @mvenk82
**Zoi Walker, University of Utah
Adria Watson, California State University, Sacramento, @adriarwatson | NABJ and SPJ member
Emily Wolf, University of Missouri, @_wolfemily | IRE member

Arizona State University
Michael Wong, residency director

Olivia Ali, University of Nevada, Reno, @OliviaNAli | ONA and IRE member
**Kendra Brown, New York University, @kendramonet_
*Jing Feng, New York University | AAJA member
**Ashleigh Garrison, Columbia University
Wessam Hazaymeh, Virginia Commonwealth University, @wessamhazaymeh
Aiyana Ishmael, Florida A&M University, @aiyanaish | NABJ, IRE, ONA and SPJ member
**Jessica Koernig, New York University, @JessicaKoernig | NAHJ member
Mariana Labbate, University of Missouri, @labbate_mariana
Daniella Medina, University of Central Florida, @danimedinanews
Lauren Mitchell, North Carolina A&T State University, @renlaux | NABJ member
Amy Nakamura, Syracuse University, @nakamura_amy
**Osmanee Offre, New York University
Mariya Parkhomchuk, Arizona State University, @mparkho_TV
Erika Peters, Stony Brook University, @Erikapeters01 | SPJ member
Omar Rashad, El Camino College, @omarsrashad | AAJA and IRE member
Kevin Sanchez Farez, Georgia State University, @kevinxsanchez | NAHJ member

Paul Glader and Garry D. Howard, residency co-directors

Andrew Blye, Arizona State University, @andyblye | IRE member
Spencer Brewer, University of Texas at Arlington, @spencerbrewer10
Casey Darnell, Syracuse University, @caseydarnell_ | IRE member
Iain Carlos Vazquez Irwin, St. Olaf College, @carlos_iain
Maria Monteros, Trevecca Nazarene University, @MariaMonteros | AAJA member
Norah Mulinda, University of Virginia, @norahmulinda | NABJ member
Colleen Neely, University of Maryland, @colleen_neely_
Shafaq Patel, Emerson College, @shafaqpatel | AAJA and IRE member
Natalie Rubio-Licht, Syracuse University, @natalierubio_
Taylor Washington, University of South Carolina | NABJ member

Paul Glader, residency director

James Faris, James Madison University, @JamesFaris_
Rachel Greenland, Appalachian State University, @rach_greenland | IRE and SPJ member
Eloisa Gutierrez, Franciscan University of Steubenville
Brooke Henderson, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, @brooke_writes | NABJ, IRE and NLGJA member
Samuel Jones, Taylor University, @sam__jonesy
Max Jungreis, Emerson College, @MaxJungreis
Kantaro Komiya, DePauw University, @KantaroKomiya | AAJA member
Bobby Manning, Syracuse University, @realbobmanning
Mili Mansaray, New York University, @MansarayMili | NABJ member
Logan Moore, Ohio University, @logan_rmoore | SPJ member
Victor Porcelli, New York University, @victor_porcelli
Heather Schlitz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, @SchlitzHeather | AAJA and IRE member
Madeline Simpson, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Gabriel Stern, Syracuse University, @gabestern326
Laurryn Thomas, University of South Carolina, @laurrynt
Erika Wheless, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism
NaTavia Williams, Morgan State University, @NaTavia_W | SABEW member

Dr. Edward Trayes, Temple University; Dr. Bradley Wilson, Midwestern State University, and Beth Butler, Kent State University, residency co-directors through the University of Texas, Austin.

Jillian Atelsek, University of Maryland, @jillian_atelsek
Christine Bartruff, University of South Carolina, @chrisbartruff
Lyndsey Brennan, Kent State University, @lbrenna7
Nolan Brey, University of Kansas, @NolanBrey | ACES member
***Caleb Fortenberry, Ashford University
Gabriella DeBenedictis, University of Connecticut, @gabbydeben
Jordan Erb, Northeastern University, @jordanparkererb | Idaho Press Club member
*Ollie Gratzinger, Duquesne University, @OGratzinger | SPJ member
***Mattie Lovell, Texas Tech University, @legitmk
***Julia Maenius, University of Texas, San Antonio, @JuliaMaenius
Gabriela Morera Di Núbila, University of Missouri, @gabymulberry
Samantha Nelson, University of Missouri, @NamSnelson | IRE member
Daniella Peters, University of Oklahoma, @danisaur19
*Slone Terranella, Wayne State University, @SloneTerranella | ACES and AAJA member
Samuel Trilling, Temple University, @SamInPrint
***Megan Wehring, Texas State University, @meg_reneew
Molly Weisner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, @molly_weisner | IRE member